Weaving for Christmas

My favourite time of the year is coming and what better way to celebrate the festivities than by weaving for family, friends and your home!

I have quite a few free video tutorials to get those creative juices flowing:

Reindeer on a rigid heddle loom

Handwoven No Sew Christmas Hearts

Gift boxes on a rigid heddle loom

Winter Trees

And then there are my classes available with a subscription to my weaving school:

*Snowmen on a rigid heddle loom

*Exploring branoe 

And available as a single class or included in a subscription:

I hope these inspire you to get weaving in time for Christmas!


Ccrawfords said...

Hi kelly, I need help with Tulips! I have been trying to figure it out and my sample looks nothing like a tulip. My Snowmen are wonderful and I love the winter trees but for some reason the tulips are not working for me. Could it be that my warp ( towel cotton) is to heavy and it just wont pack in? I wish there was a place to send a pic to you to help you better understand my madness!

I know its November but Michigan winters are so long that I start planting and thinking of Tulips any way I can.


Kelly Casanova said...

Hi Connie,
You can send me a picture either on the Facebook group or email - kelandpat@optusnet.com.au

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