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Almost finished embroidering this table cloth, just can't decide on the border colour.

Re - hemming this dress I made for my sister when I was 14 - she was 5. It has been worn by my sister and 2 of my daughters (and will be worn by the 3rd) and has only ever needed the hem fixed.

I'm enjoying these books that Nell sent to me along with some soap and chocolates. Thanks so much Nell.

Speaking of my sister... she gave me this tapestry approximately 10 years ago! I have pulled out my original stitching that was done when I was clueless and am having another go at it. I'll update you in another year (it's very large!) and hopefully not in another 10.

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Autumn afternoon

We went for a drive to the forest yesterday. It was a perfect autumn afternoon. My favourite time of year.

 The fly agarics were pushing up through the forest floor everywhere we looked.

Husband fished while the children and I explored and played games.

Some things must look so huge to little ones.

We stayed until after sunset, which was beautiful on the water.

We drove home with heavy hearts - there is no way the suburbs can compare with fresh, wide open spaces. One day.


I had a marvelous day yesterday with the Embroiderer's Guild doing a beginner's stumpwork class with the talented Cecily Dow. This class is in preparation for the intermediate certificate I intend to do later in the year with Alison Cole (very excited about this!)

To give an indication of size, this is in a 4 inch hoop. Even though it's very small it took many hours to complete, it is very fine and detailed work.

This is a really dynamic form of embroidery and I can't wait to do more. I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt!

My Creative Space

You'll have to excuse my less than perfect photography, I just didn't have time to pretty it up today.
The girls are happily playing with their new extra large silks.

G wanted a bright mandala so that's what she got! As you can see, it is already well loved and in need of an iron.

M requested a blue and pink silk, so I dyed a pink butterfly on a turquoise background. Hers is long enough to "fly" with.

2 things I said I'd never try - scrapbooking and cross stitch. Well, what does this look like? Yep, I'm hooked. It's a sickness, this stitching thing.

Yet another embroidery I've started. 

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New fabrics in the shop

Silk dyed in a lotus blossom

Spiral dyed homespun

Shibori technique on homespun

All in the shop now :)

Abortion grief

One thing that abortion centres don't advise women of prior to the surgery is that having an abortion may end up being traumatic. You may regret the decision that the "counsellors" help you make. You may wish you could turn back time and undo what has been done.
Thankfully there are caring organisations who can help and won't be more concerned about your fee payment than your emotional well being. Here are some Australian resources.

Rachel's Vineyard

Open Doors

ProLife Victoria

3 biggest money wasters

File:Australian banknotes in wallet.jpg
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People often ask me about our finances as we have a mortgage, 4 children and one main income. If someone is telling me they don't have enough money I start with a checklist similar to this one.

1. Do you have a credit card/s?
If you really want to save money - get rid of it! If you have credit card debt make it your no. 1 financial priority to pay it off (and cut the card up immediately!)

2. Do you have pay T.V?
Not only a waste of time, a waste of money. With the money and time you would save by not having it you can invest in other things, the main one being yourself.

3. Do you smoke?
Not much to be said here. Do whatever you can to quit. Tobacco is an ongoing expense in every way - you become addicted to it, so repeat buying, your health will suffer whether you admit it or not and end up costing you not only money but quality of life. (For those who think I'm simplifying the problem - I'm an ex - smoker of 6 years. Quitting is one of the very best things I've ever done!)

If you change even one of these money wasters you will notice a big difference in your budget.
Happy saving!

20% off sale

Some dollies need a new home!  I'm having a 20% off sale on all dolls in my shop. The information for the coupon is on my shop page at the top.

My Creative Space

I'm having a go at the dual image applique technique from Dilys Fronk's book.
I like the fact that you can use up scraps and there is no waste. I'm free motion quilting around the shapes which takes quite some time!

I'm using my dyed and painted fabrics. The idea is to use this technique for bags, quilts etc, but I'm taking baby steps with a teapot rest. I think I'd go nuts doing a quilt with all these tiny applique pieces!
Note to self - make sure fabric used for applique doesn't fray quickly!!

My first foray into polymer clay with some cutesy buttons.

I think someone missed us while we were away!

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Big giveaway!!

The SHE (Schooling at home Etsians) team that I belong to are having a huge giveaway with 9 prizes in total. All you have to do is visit the team blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a prize.
I'm taking part with one of my hand dyed silk scarves.

Pop over and enter - the more the merrier!


We've returned. With mixed feelings. Would rather have stayed, but there are plenty of things to look forward to here too. I wish I could bottle that beautiful sea air to bring back to the city, it's so invigorating.

I'm not here

                                             I'm here. 

                                                 And here.

No internet. No phone. Just us and the fresh sea air. 
See you in a couple of weeks.

God bless.

A letter to Mr. Baillieu

Dear Mr. Baillieu,
Although I am completely against abortion at any stage of a pregnancy I am particularly disturbed by the knowledge that a percentage of late term aborted babies are born alive then left to die. What a terrible abomination. How terribly sickening to be aware of this practice occuring regularly in our beautiful country and being powerless to change it.
Therefore, I appeal to you Mr Baillieu. You are not powerless. You can change this. This is so wrong - please make it right.

Yours Sincerely

(my name)

If you feel as strongly on this issue as I do please make your voice heard!

Write to your local MP. Write to the Premier - Ted Baillieu, Deputy Premier - Peter Ryan and Health Minister - Hon David Davies.
Address your letters to   C/- Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne, Vic, 3000

Which loom to buy, part 2, The Table Loom

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